Bed & Breakfast Accommodation in Haenertsburg, Limpopo

Bed & Breakfast Accommodation in Haenertsburg
Wedding & Bridal Accommodation

Our Policy for Bridal Accommodation 

  1. Should brides want to get ready for their big day at Bramasole, our stipulation is that all 11 rooms in the main building must be taken for the wedding guests, as we can not have wedding guests and normal guests in the building at the same time. We have done this in the past and then just end up with terrible reviews from the other guests. As a bridal party unfortunately due to its nature results in a major disruption to the guest house which is not appreciated by our other “normal” guests who have come for a quiet, romantic weekend.  Parking also becomes a huge issue due to the bride’s retinue, e.g. hairdressers, photographers, etc.
  2. Check in is strictly 2pm. As we are a popular venue it cannot be assumed that no one would have booked the room for the Friday night. Check out is only at 11am on the Saturday morning. If you want to arrive before 2pm the room will have to be booked for the Friday night as well. NO concessions will be made in this regard.
  3. Bridal Photography at Bramasole – we have one stipulation only, NO furniture is to be moved to form a better shot AT ALL, as we have many antiques on the premises and have experienced major damage to pieces before, due to furniture pieces being moved around by photographers and wedding photograph members.

If you are happy to abide by the above please feel free to contact Vuyo at for further information.  Please note NO EXCEPTIONS to the above will be accepted. Logo Image Logo Image
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Our Generator Policy

Dear Guest, we have had to change our methods for running the generators due to the rise in recent diesel prices, our monthly diesel bill has gone up by over R10,000 and we have not raised our room rates to recoup this expense. It will be much appreciated if you could abide by the rules:

Main Building:

  • Please note that when we are on loadshedding or have a fault and are running on the generator, the geysers will not be warming water. Please understand that we have 18 geysers to warm, and it is just not viable at current diesel prices.
  • Please be considerate of your fellow guests, as some rooms share a geyser. If used sparingly the water remains warm for at least a day.
  • Rooms that share: Paris/Jade, Egypt/Africa, Delft/Darnis, Hanoi/Manhattan/Grindelwald - all other rooms have their own geysers.

Kyoto/Loch Lomond

  • As the generator for the chalets are only shared by the two chalets - the cost of running them all day long when electricity is out, is just not viable as the cost would only be shared by two chalets where the main building has 15 rooms.
  • Should the electricity be off due to a fault we will put the generator on from 6 to 8am, 12-2pm and 5 - 9pm only. Your geysers should warm in this period, as well.
  • When there is loadshedding over a meal time, we will also put the generator on for that period in order that meals can be prepared, otherwise it will remain off.